2012 Starter Pack: DCS 10 Year Anniversary

October 20, 2022

DayCloud Studios is turning 10 years old! This Thursday we are throwing it back to see what was going on back when DayCloud Studios opened their doors!

INSTAGRAM: In 2012, Instagram looked quite different from what we know of Instagram now. The app Icon has evolved from boring neutral colors to vibrant rainbow ones. Back then, you could only upload photos which is very different from Instagram Reels that we know now. 2012 was a monumental year for the app, as Facebook announced that they were buying Instagram for $1 billion.

YOUTUBE: YouTube’s 2012 app icon gives us all nostalgia. The app icon shows a retro brown TV, very different from their red play button that we now associate with YouTube. The App had a big growth year in 2012, YouTube stated that the figure had increased to four billion videos streamed per day and sixty hours. Creators on YouTube utilize livestreams to engage with their viewers, but did you know that In October 2012, was the first-time YouTube offered this feature. This year is also the year 'Gangnam Style’ went viral, being the first video to surpass one billion views.

FLAPPY BIRD: 2012 was a monumental year for this app. Oh, the chokehold this app had on us all… This game was addictive and we couldn’t put the phone down until we surpassed our previous high score. Let’s be honest though, this app vanished into thin air.

THE IPHONE 5: In 2012, Apple announced their newest release of the “thinnest and lightest” iPhone ever. This phone was a major upgrade from the iPhone 4, with a totally redesigned stunning new 4-inch Retina™ display; an Apple-designed A6 chip for blazing fast performance; and ultrafast wireless technology*—all while delivering even better battery life. All of those features that we thought were luxury back then are simply not enough for us today.

VINE: In 2012, The founders of Vine sold their company to internet juggernaut Twitter for an impressive $30 billion. Vine quickly became the most downloaded video-sharing app in the market, in which recorded six-second clips sent from user to user, to which there are now over a million Vine’s online and over 200 million users. It is crazy to look back on what Vine once was and the similarities Musically and the trending app we now know as, TikTok.

GOOGLE: Google is one of the leading companies in innovation. They change and grow so much within a year, it happens before our eyes. The Google home screen has now been the same since 2015. Their 2012 logo brought us back in time. We have forgotten how much has changed.

A trip down memory lane is always special. Join us in celebrating our 10-year anniversary HERE! We are so grateful for how far we have come, thanks to all of you!

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