Aaron on Humor in the Workplace

June 10, 2022

As the self declared funniest person in the office it is my duty to curate a fun, lighthearted office environment. I may not be good at marketing analytics, design, or making that phone call I’ve been putting off this week, but humor I can do. Everyone loves a “class clown” but little do most people know, there are a multitude of benefits to having a not-so-serious work environment. So, here’s three reasons why everyone should be laughing and cracking hilarious jokes in the workplace.

The first rationale for having humor in the workplace is that it can reduce stress. Burnout in corporate America is at an all-time high and humor can help decrease that statistic. Nobody wants to show up to a job everyday where they have to sit in silence and work. Humor is a great tool for creating a workplace that people enjoy going to. Jobs can be incredibly stressful and humor is a great tool for coping with said stress.

The next reason businesses should encourage workplace humor is that it can cultivate a more creative atmosphere. Laughter helps people bond, promotes inclusiveness and fosters creativity. As a creative agency, a sense of humor in the workplace gives our employees a comfortable space to express their creativity.

The final and most important incentive for businesses to implement humor into their workplace is that it boosts morale.  Morale is a topic of conversation among many businesses as it leads to higher productivity and a more cohesive team atmosphere. An office space that people don’t mind showing up to can reduce turnover and improve each employee's day to day work satisfaction. The next generation of corporate America doesn’t want a morale boosting pizza party once a quarter, they want a space where they can make good jokes and laugh with their co-workers.

Humor is such an important part of life and being able to have humor at work is so important. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke or two in the office. If your boss gets upset, you can show them this blog post.

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