DCS Prepares for Growth, Adds to Firm Leadership

January 27, 2023

Enter Chelsea Poppens, Bad-Ass Boss Lady No. 2

Herding cats is never an easy feat. And when those cats are a bunch of creatives who are purposely working in an indie, boutique firm to avoid the gerbil wheel that is most large firms? Well, then the task is trickier.

But there is a new officer – and by that we mean chief operating officer – in town at DCS: Chelsea Poppens (cue the dramatic music). Effective Jan. 1, 2023, Chelsea joins Liz Hunt, principal and founder of DayCloud Studios, as a partner and COO.

Chelsea first joined DCS in 2021 as a project manager, feeling right at home with “the fun, quirky personalities” of her co-workers.

“I love that DayCloud leans into people’s strengths and is willing to help people grow in the direction they feel most fulfilled,” she says.

Becoming partner and COO certainly “leans” into Chelsea’s organizational and personality strengths. She will continue with her project management duties while becoming more involved with business decisions affecting firm operations, optimizing processes to increase quality production, and collaborating with Liz on new business ventures for DCS.

“Having two strong-minded leaders who have DayCloud’s vision at heart will only strengthen the foundation of DCS as it continues growing and expanding,” Chelsea says. “We have numerous visions of where DayCloud could go, and it helps to put both our minds and abilities together to achieve these ends.”

People are integral to DCS’s current success and future growth. So, Chelsea says much of her new role centers on uplifting DayCloud staff: “I look forward to being more involved in the growth of our team and helping its members hit their goals and feel good in their roles.”

Balancing the advancement of the firm’s talent with the progression of its overall growth is a challenge Chelsea embraces – and one which plays to her own strengths. She brings to her new role the ability to understand where people are at in their personal lives, using this understanding to help them to not only function but grow in their work. Meanwhile, her “project brain” incessantly seeks to make her team’s life easier by streamlining processes and proactively safeguarding against potential complications.

Chelsea earned a BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Iowa State University and an MBA from the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business. Her sales and marketing industry experience includes stints with Meredith Corporation, and she is the founder and owner of CKP Athletics, LLC, a basketball training business that taps into her D1 college and professional athletics experiences.

Its level of client care makes DayCloud one of Omaha’s best marketing agencies, Chelsea maintains, and she sees “it as a space for ideation and an empowering culture” for its employees.

“I am excited to have a larger role in the DayCloud vision and the services we offer to our awesome clients,” she says.

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