How to Visually Plan Your Instagram Feed

July 27, 2022

An instagram grid is the first impression of your social media profile.  Your aesthetic needs to be visually appealing and needs to effectively communicate your brand to the audience.  A grid aesthetic takes some strategic thinking as you should plan ahead.  Whether it’s using understated filters or posting branded templates, having a cohesive feed is key to telling your story.  It takes a lot of trial and error to decide what looks best, but we’ve found some tools to make it a whole lot easier.

Sked Social

Sked is the tool we use here at DayCloud.  It allows us a one stop Instagram shop where we can do all of our planning.  Sked’s ‘planner’ feature is where you can arrange your drafted posts onto your feed grid.  It makes it easy to swap images in and out deciding what order fits your profile the best.

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Later Media

Later Media is another great tool with similar effects.  You can see how your profile will look from your followers’ POV. Rearrange or swap photos to find the perfect look for your feed.  Another easy to use tool to enhance your instagram aesthetic.

Pricing: FREE for one Instagram account with up to 30 posts/month.


Visually plan your content and keep your grid up to date With Planoy’s visual planner, you can preview how upcoming content will look on your Instagram grid and keep it up to date by adding your Reels and IGTVs.  Planoy allows you to save time and increase the quality of your content!

Pricing: FREE for one Instagram account with up to 30 posts/month.


With large images, beautifully clean interfaces and our most loved drag and drop tools, Plann is designed for a visual-first experience to easily organize, design and publish your posts.  With this platform you have fun control over how you appear online.

Pricing: FREE for one Instagram account with up to 30 posts/month.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these tools!  These are all great to take your instagram to the next level! Check out @Daycloudstudios instagram feed and how we’ve arranged our posts and Reels!

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