Leading with EQ and IQ

July 13, 2023

With the rise of A.I. technology, marketing agencies have heard the sentence, “Are you worried about job security?” more than a handful of times.

However, a recent study by Harvard University found that behind salary, the number one most important factor in job satisfaction is working somewhere based in high Emotional Intelligence. Suck on that, robot overlords. 

Emotional Intelligence factors are often broken down into managing relations, emotional stability, self development, integrity, altruistic behavior. In fact, 75% of hiring managers say they value their employees E.Q more than their I.Q. On the flip side of that, 82% of employees would consider leaving their jobs for a more empathetic job, empathy being the strongest characteristic of an emotionally intelligent person. Within the next 3 years, a recent survey stated that 40% of leaders in industry said emotional intelligence would be a “must have” ability.

The pandemic made people take a step back and evaluate what took priority in their lives. Who saw them as valuable. Who easily replaced them without a second glance. 

What does this mean for businesses and marketing?

Working with a company that prioritizes emotional intelligence, empathy, personal goals and culture means you are putting your business ventures in the hands of a human being that wants to see you succeed. Simply put, E.Q lets agencies tap into their audiences they want to reach and deliver consistent successful branding and content. 

As a client, working with an agency that takes the time to get to know YOU is a non negotiable. 10% of start up businesses fail within the first year, that’s 1 in 5. The impact of the pandemic, and investing money without guidance can not be denied, and were the top two factors in business failure. Shark Tank investor, Kevin O’Leary has said, “Businesses fail when people stop trusting people. They won’t listen to anybody else, or get out of their own way.”

Humans need humans.

We would love to meet you at DayCloud. If you trust us to brand your business, the experience is anything but hands off, but totally all in. We have a discovery meeting with you that’s designed to get us to know you, your goals, your idiosyncrasies and nuances…. We even want to know what animal you’d be. Yup. We go there. You have an emotionally intelligent team behind you that listens and has endless expertise in various areas. Also, we are a blast, and our meetings come with snacks. 

So are we worried about the rise of the robots?

Meh. No. At DayCloud, we know how to build rapport with consumers, deliver a crisp brand image. We understand that consumers are not just invested in the product output in today’s world, they are invested in the people behind the brand. We can’t wait to find out what kind of animal your brand would be, by the way. 

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