Why You Need to Post Instagram Reels

July 1, 2022

Instagram reels are a newer Instagram update providing a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. The primary benefit of Reels is brand awareness. It will enable your content to be seen on the Explore page and an endless feed of Reels. If you are familiar with using instagram to grow your business, you must be aware of the instagram algorithm that is pretty tricky to navigate. With Reels being their latest prominent feature, Instagram wants to promote this feature by rewarding the content created on reels.

Here are a few reasons why you should be creating instagram reels:

Increase Brand Awareness

By creating engaging videos on reels allows you to not only reach your current followers, but new followers as well.  Our Business Instagram, @ daycloudstudios, has recently been utilizing Instagram Reels.  We have posted 4 reels in the last month and our instagram reach is up by 3,194% compared to our previous month with zero reels.

Reels are fun for our team to create and we are seeing great reward.

More Engaging Content

Reels allows you to create more engaging content than just a static Instagram post.  Creating content needs to evolve with the new trends and reels is the perfect way to do this.  Reels are catchy and fun allowing you to showcase your brand’s personality.  In this previous month our DayCloud Instagram account has increased engagement by 1,676%, all thanks to Instagram Reels.

Hit the Explore Page

Hashtags are one way your content can reach the explore page, however, the Instagram algorithm is heavily favoring reels.  If you are serious about growing your business and online presence, working reels into your Instagram marketing strategy is a must!

Quick Tips

Reels can be a tricky thing to navigate off the bat.  Here are some quick tips to make sure your reels succeed.

- Use trending audio

- Use hashtags that relate to your video

- Use on-screen text

- Provide value to the video

- Keep captions concise

Instagram Reels play a key part in your instagram’s success.  We know trying new things can be scary at first, but Instagram Reels are easy to use!  We hope you hop on this trend with us as we are also in the early stages of creating reels.  Be sure to check out our Reels page for fun business content ideas!  Have fun with your content and best of luck!

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