Mockup of a BoydJones sign in an office reading "SAFETY".

Boyd Jones

A Celebration of Historic Proportions We partnered with Boyd Jones to promote the relocation of their company headquarters to the historic Rail & Commerce building located in downtown Omaha. We designed & developed a landing page including information about the ribbon-cutting ceremony. In addition, DayCloud collaborated with their team to design invitations for the event and to create a handy dandy brochure to guide visitors along as they toured the new facility, highlighting some of the fun historical elements located throughout the building.

Boyd Jones
Branding, Digital, Social Media, Marketing & Media, Visual & Print Design
Mockup of two Desktop computers displaying pages from BoydJones Website.
Mockup of a mobile device and a desktop displaying pages from BoydJones website.
Mockup of a laptop computer and a desktop displaying pages from BoydJones website.
BoydJones branded icons for each value of Entrepreneurship, Safety, Innovation, Integrity, Stewardship, Respect and Continuous Improvement.
Mockup of a BoydJones branded brochure outlining their recent projects.
Mockup of a BoydJones branded invitation to an event.
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